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Affiliate Organizations

Join as an Affiliate Organization

The Greater Lansing United Nations Association (GL-UNA) is inviting affiliation to other Lansing area organizations and citizens who support the goal of peaceful resolution of international conflicts and the extension of human rights to all citizens of the world as reflected in the United Nations Charter.

What does Affiliation Involve?

Benefits to your organization include:

  • Announcement of your events, when requested, to over 200 community members through our online e-mail lists and to an even larger audience on our Facebook page.
  • Be listed as an affiliate organization on our chapter website.
  • Include link on our website to your organization’s website with a short description of your mission/work.
  • Occasional e-mail announcements about upcoming community events of mutual interest;
  • New opportunities for advocacy for the mission of the UN in promoting world peace, aid for children and refugees, UN peacekeeping, and reducing the threat of nuclear and other destabilizing armaments.
  • Be recognized as a supporter of United Nations goals and projects at UNA chapter programs

As an Organizational Affiliate of the Greater Lansing UNA chapter, you would agree to:

  • Announce our program events in your e-mail and print newsletters and bulletins. We would suggest the text to insert, and you could re-word if desired. Acceptance of each request is at your discretion.
  • Encourage your members to attend UNA-related events.
  • The option to receive and distribute our quarterly electronic newsletters.
  • List the Greater Lansing UNA chapter as one of your affiliate organizations.
  • Other possible collaborations include co-planning and/or co-sponsoring, including financially support.
  • Our UNA chapter could provide informational articles about special United Nations-designated commemorations such as United Nations Anniversary Day, International Day of Peace, Human Rights Day, International Women’s Day, and others that specifically relate to your organization’s interests.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Greater Lansing UNA Affiliate, please contact us at gluna@msu.edu.