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About the Event

Humphrey Fellows come to MSU as mid-career professionals from all over the world. We are honored to have them spend the evening with us sharing the work of the UN and SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) that is going on in their countries. 

We encourage you to watch the recording to learn about Burundi, Ecuador, Guinea, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand!

In-Person Location: EL Public Library, 950 Abbot Road, EL 48823

Join Online:

Meeting ID: 814 9703 4790
Passcode: 759280

Humphrey Fellowship Speakers:

Raneem Asif, Pakistan

Raneem Asif, Pakistan

Raneem Asif is Chief Controller of Stamps of the Pakistan Post Office Department. Prior to this new role, she served as the Assistant Postmaster General, where she was responsible for the operations and human resources for the postal circle of Central Punjab, an area comprising over two thousand post offices and over four thousand employees. She has over a decade of work experience in the Pakistan Post Office and has served in a variety of capacities, including life insurance, risk and fraud management, and supervision of financial services. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she intends to learn about change management through case studies, gain practical experience in leadership development, and enhance implementation of HR best practices. Her ultimate goals are to enact improvements in service delivery, engage in capacity building, and successfully implement public policy reforms through human resources.

Alpha Balde, Guinea

Alpha Balde is a Macroeconomist Expert at the United Nations Development Programme, where he supports national planning through the development of the Integrated National Financing Framework for SDGs. With extensive experience in development projects, Alpha has played an active part in raising two funds for youth employment from the African Development Bank. In his Humphrey Fellowship, Alpha aims to understand policymaking, program implementation, and the role of the private sector to empower his community's development. His ultimate goal is to promote good governance, foster youth entrepreneurship, and achieve shared prosperity while fighting poverty.

Marcelo Collahuazo, Ecuador

Marcelo Collahuazo is the Manager of Recruitment and Training for the Population and Housing Census at the National Institute of Statistics and Census. For the purpose of updating Ecuador’s socio-demographic statistics, he leads a team implementing training methods to improve data collection that will benefit policymaking and resources allocation. His Humphrey Fellowship goals include developing strategies to design evidence-based policymaking, supporting the monitoring of public policies, and exploring innovative approaches to leverage data in enhancing productivity and growth within private firms. His ultimate goals are to become an expert in using data as a narrative tool and to confront disparities of information access by emphasizing the availability of open data to promote better decision-making and reduce manipulation.

Pimpimon Kaewmanee, Thailand

Pimpimon Kaewmanee is a Lecturer and Head of the Economics Department at Maejo University in Chiang Mai. In this role, she coordinates projects that focus on community development and agricultural reform. Her two most recent projects relate to transforming the agricultural system of Thailand and moving away from a reliance on deforestation toward more sustainable agroforestry. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she intends to learn about natural resource assessment, enhance her communication and negotiation skills in English, and develop strategies for coordinating with environmental agencies. Her ultimate goal is to work toward sustainable agriculture through reforestation and quality of life improvement in Southeast Asia, especially Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Nely Stephanie Nasir, Malaysia

Nely Stephanie Nasir has recently assumed a new role as a Deputy Undersecretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change. In this role, she is responsible for managing policy documentations for the Electricity Supply Industry nationwide. She previously served as the Senior Private Confidential Secretary to a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department where she actively coordinated economic development programs aimed for rural areas. Her Humphrey Fellowship program goals include developing her civic engagement skills, enhancing her policy analysis capabilities, and honing her skills in non-profits strategic planning. Her ultimate goal is to create greater economic opportunities by bridging poverty and inequality disparities between regions and empowering rural youth and women.

Jimmy Ndihokubwayo, Burundi

Jimmy Ndihokubwayo, Burundi

Jimmy Ndihokubwayo is President and Executive Director of Tabitha Community in Action, a local NGO that carries out relief activities for vulnerable populations. In this role, Jimmy oversees the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. His Humphrey Fellowship goals include increasing his professional network, enhancing his skills in economic development, and learning innovative solutions for eradicating poverty. His ultimate goal is to create a center that will function as both a social entrepreneur hub that empowers young entrepreneurs as well as an inclusion center that will provide trauma-informed coaching to support initiatives from minority populations. Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences and Management Faculty .